Elon Vs Warren

Is EV another BUBBLE like the Internet, Auto and Airlines?

Warren Buffett has done a great in the past highlighting the risks of investing in frothy sectors. The lessons apply to investors in stocks like Tesla (TSLA), NIO (NIO), Fisker (FSR), and Xpeng (XPEV). Every market has different themes with regard to technology, demographics, geopolitical considerations, and government policy. However, they tend to follow an…


2021 Tesla Model X

Based on the brand’s classic Model S sedan, the 2021 Tesla Model X SUV boasts a top-hinged rear door and amuses with its long-range battery power. Two electric motors offer on-demand all-wheel drive and vehicle output acceleration. Handling is also remarkably adaptable for an SUV of this height. The additional practicality of the available third…