Hyundai Pony

1970 First Generation Hyundai Pony Restored with HiFi Tech

A restomod variation of a first-generation Hyundai Pony fitted with an unspecified electric powertrain and ultra-modern head- and tail lights. It also has camera-based, fender-mounted exterior mirrors and nixie-tube instrumentation that’s both retro and futuristic and epitomizes the peak of 1970s style. The project was led by Hyundai’s interior chief designer Hak Soo Ha. it’s…

Hyundai Kona

Recall of EVs cost Hyundai a whopping $900 Million

Hyundai Motor Co.’s recall of nearly 82,000 electric vehicles highlights how costly the shift to the industry’s new frontier are often for automakers, both to their balance sheets and their brands. The recall mostly affects Hyundai’s best-selling electric Kona crossover and stems from fire risks in battery cells produced in China by LG Energy Solution…