Ola Launches its first ever EV category in London

Ola Electric

Ola has announced that it’ll launch a replacement category on its app through which customers can book an electrical vehicle for his or her rides. The new category has been launched in London, a ‘global first’ for the India-based ride hailing company.

The new category are going to be called Ola EV, the corporation has said that its London customers are going to be ready to use it starting in the week . consistent with the corporate , the Ola EV category will cost riders an equivalent as a comfort category.

The company said that the choice to launch electric cabs is its initiative towards its commitment to green transport networks, zero-emission travel in London. Ola will later roll out this feature on their ride hailing app to other cities round the world also where the app-based cab aggregator is operational.

Bhavish Aggarwal
He is Ola’s Cofounder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal

Ola EV is trying to extend the 700-odd drivers it’s across London in coming days to grow this platform. it’s also offering a really attractive zero per cent commission rate for the primary three months for all electric rides to its drivers, which can attract talent from rivals like Uber.

Ola feels the driver-centric approach will help to significantly increase the amount of fully electric taxis or private hire vehicles (PHVs) in use on the roads and can also empower riders with a further green option for travel needs.

“Since launching within the UK, Ola has consistently looked to innovate and help solve the toughest mobility challenges. The launch of Ola EV is another great example, offering riders and drivers the chance to play their part within the journey to emission free rides,” said Marc Rozendal, director of Ola UK.

Ola Electric & Bhavish Aggarwal
Ola Electric & Bhavish Aggarwal

“I am especially pleased with the initiatives we are fixing to assist drivers make the switch to completely electric vehicles which we’ve been ready to do at no extra cost to riders. i’m excited to launch this category as a worldwide first for Ola and while Ola EV will start in London, we can’t wait to start expanding it across the country and cities round the world,” he added.

The move comes as Ola is preparing to launch the world’s largest two-wheeler factory in Tamil Nadu to create electric two wheelers. The huge 500-acres facility called Ola Future Factory is found in Krishnagiri District of Tamil Nadu . it’ll have an estimated capacity of 10 million units per annum .

Ola Electric
Ola Electric

“Ola is building this Future Factory at record speed, with its first phase expected to be operational this summer and therefore the full factory ready by next year. The company’s electric two-wheelers are going to be produced during this facility which can be spread across 500 acres of land with 10 production lines and a staggering capacity of 10 million units/year,” Ola said.

The first electric scooter from the corporation is going to be launched soon. Ola also will provide its own charging infrastructure called Ola Hypercharger Network for its customers. “Ola will offer the foremost comprehensive set of charging options to its electric vehicle customers through a mixture of widely deployed high-speed Ola Hyperchargers and therefore the home-charger which will come bundled with the Ola Scooter,” the corporate said.

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