Triton’s India Launch with an Wall Street IPO

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The founding father of the US-based electric vehicle (EV) company Triton EV is happy for more reasons than one. The company’s first car in India is about to be launched while plans for an addition are underway and a market debut is on the cards.

In an exclusive conversation, Himanshu Patel, founding father of Triton EV, said that the corporation is in discussions to list within the US. “We are currently in talks for an IPO and also are watching raising internal funds,” Patel told.

BS Yediyurappa Twitter
BS Yediyurappa Tweet about Potential Triton’s Investment

Triton EV, called Tesla’s rival within the US, may be a subsidiary of Triton Solar. After months of talking about a few launches in India, the corporation is finally ready with the dates. Pre-booking for Triton Model H, its first model within the country, will start from May 10.

The Model H is named a ‘Super SUV’ by Patel, and is an 8-seater car. It can go upto 700 miles on one charge. The corporation claims it’s 1,500 horsepower generated by four wheel-attached motors, and has an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds.

In the US, where the car was launched last March, Model H costs $140,000. But Patel promises it’ll be cheaper in India. “But the Model H we are launching in India, may be a vehicle made in India. It won’t be directly [sic] that price point, it’ll definitely be but what it costs within the US,” he said.

Triton Model H
Triton Model H

Triton features a manufacturing facility in Pune, where it’s a production capacity of 100 cars in five-six months. “We will start pre booking for 1000 cars but we’ll deliver 100 immediately,” he said.

With the Model H, Patel is competing with the likes of Audi, Mercedes and more, he said. “We have built a car that suits India rather than just making another car,” said Patel.

The car comes with a solar panelled roof, which offsets the air conditioning usage also , which may be a great advantage, as per Patel, for Indians who need to wait hours in traffic sometimes .

But the Model H isn’t where they stop. Patel is accelerating his plans for the India market, where Elon Musk’s Tesla is additionally set to debut, this year. Triton has plans to launch their N4 model later this year, which can rival the likes of Toyota, Nissan and others.

Himashu B Patel
Himashu B Patel, Founder of Triton EV

They are also in talks with various entities for supply of armoured vehicles, making use of their one-way glass bullet proof technology.

And for all of this, Triton is pumping $1.2 billion into India over the subsequent five years. Outside of the US, India is going to be the company’s first manufacturing hub. Triton is additionally in talks with the Karnataka government for its expansion within the state.

“We are getting to use India as a hub for manufacturing and provide to Singapore, Australia and Southeast Asian countries. We also are in talks in Qatar to form the country, the hub for Middle East and African markets,” he said.

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