Mahindra now partners with Flipkart for Last Mile Delivery


Flipkart partners with Mahindra

Homegrown e-commerce marketplace, Flipkart, on Tuesday announced its partnership with Mahindra Logistics Limited (MLL), to assist fasttrack deployment of electrical vehicles across its logistics fleet within the country.

In the past, Flipkart had committed to 100% electric mobility in its logistics fleet and said it’ll deploy quite 25,000 electric vehicles by 2030.

Towards the top of 2020, Mahindra Logistics had launched its own electric delivery brand EDEL, partnering companies within the consumer and e-commerce segment to supply sustainable last-mile delivery across six cities in India.

Mahindra & Flipkart
Mahindra & Flipkart

Through the partnership with Flipkart, Mahindra Logistics also will inspect creating a conducive environment for EV deployment and operations across the country. This includes building supporting infrastructure and technology like charging stations and parking lots, training workforce, route planning and even battery swapping stations within the near future.

“Electrification of the logistics fleet could also be an important area of Flipkart’s larger sustainability goal and a key focus area for the corporation . We are happy to possess Mahindra Logistics on-board as a logistics partner, who will play a serious role in helping us achieve our vision of creating our logistics fleet fully electric by 2030,” said Hemant Badri, senior president , supply chain, Flipkart Group.

Mahindra Three Wheeler
Mahindra Three Wheeler to Delivery Flipkart’s Last Mile

EDEL, which currently operates in key metro cities, including Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, and Hyderabad, will scale its operations to hide 20 cities by year-end, while facilitating Flipkart’s transition towards EVs.

“The EV-based last-mile delivery service EDEL provides customers with a sustainable, cost-competitive and technology enabled last-mile delivery solution. Our focus is on expanding our network and supporting our deep partnership with large enterprise customers. We are pleased about this engagement with Flipkart and appear forward to partnering with them,” said Rampraveen Swaminathan, chief executive and director , MLL.

Flipkart also recently announced its partnership with leading electric vehicle manufacturers, including Hero Electric, Mahindra Electric and Piaggio, to deploy EVs in its logistics fleet across the country.

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