When will the Oil Hunt by the Big Boys come to an actual end?

Oil Price War

Oil Price War between Russia and Saudi Arabia

Governments around the world want to push the common people to electrification but have you ever realised that there are other things that contribute to pollution more than our petty cars. There literally Empire State building sized ships roaming on our seas and double decker planes flying over our heads. Won’t the government take any measure against this?

Even the electricity that we use isn’t green at all, they are made from coal which is the worst among all fossil fuels. Are we really heading towards a greener world or it’s just another gimmick by our respective governments? Let’s just focus on the so called “developed” countries, have they even thought of changing the way of power generation in their respective countries instead policing on the weaker nations. World report suggests that China and India are the greenest countries in the world. But China and India are also one of the highest emitters of greenhouse gases due their low cost manufacturing facilities. 

Modi and Saudi Crown Prince MBS
Modi and Saudi Crown Prince MBS

Now also after realising the essence of EVs, the nations are busy fighting over oil. If the “big boys” keep on fighting over Oil then how will there be a total switch to a cleaner future. We are still fighting over the oil price and ditching our old oil partners for newer ones. India recently imported oil from Guyana due a dispute with the Saudis. Wait a minute! You people are still quarrelling over oil. And talking about the Middle East, their majority of the economy is dependent on Oil. What! Full economy driven by oil in the 21st Century when we already have a full working greener source of energy. When will we actually leave oil dependency? Many countries are still trying to find other oil wells. Just look at Venezuela, see they are suffering after the 2014 oil crash

So it’s not advisable for countries to just depend on oil without any diversification in the economy. If the current rate of oil hunt continues then there won’t be any winner, everyone will be a loser specially the lower income group who can’t afford an air purifier.

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