The Meghalaya Government aims 15% transformation to EV by 2025

Tata Nexon EV

This is a all-round picture of Nexon EV

The Meghalaya government has become the newest to announce a fanatical EV policy that targets 15% electric vehicle penetration by 2025. The northeastern state plans to have around 20,000 electric vehicles within a five year period. Under the Meghalaya EV policy, the government will provide incentives to a limited number of early EV adopters.

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The Meghalaya Electric Vehicle Policy 2021 will inherit effect from April 1, 2021, and can be operational for subsequent five years. As the policy claims, this move will save about 50 lakh litres of fuel, resulting in a reduction of about 10,000 kg of CO2 emission daily. This means the policy will help in reducing quite 36.5 lakh kg of CO2 emission per annum .

EV charger
Tata Power deploys charger in MG showroom

According to the Meghalaya EV policy, the govt will offer a sale subsidy of ₹10,000 per KWH for the primary 3,500 electric two-wheelers, ₹4,000 per KWH for the primary 200 electric three-wheelers, 2,500 electric four-wheelers, and 30 electric buses which will be purchased and registered within the state during the policy period. The Meghalaya EV policy draft also claims that as of October 31, 2020, the state with only 6 EVs saved 1,568 liters of fuel and a reduced 3,901 kg of CO2 emission.

Hyundai Kona
This is the Kona manufactured by Hyundai

The policy claims that various steps are taken to make sure that electric vehicles get priority over combustion engine-powered vehicles. This has been done to encourage the utilization of EVs to guard the environment and steadily cut the reliance on fuel import, the policy further claims. Under the EV policy, the Meghalaya transport department has identified the tourism sector for the utilization of those EVs within the first phase. In a number of the tourist spots these electric vehicles would be used exclusively, claims the policy.

Tesla Model 3
It is the Tesla Model 3

Considering the very fact that to market electric mobility, the EV charging infrastructure plays a crucial role, the Meghalaya government will facilitate the fixing of charging stations at various state government facilities, and commercial buildings like hotels, shopping malls, cinema halls, and apartments.

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