Are Electric Cars Really Going to Bring the Green Energy Revolution?

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Government has been pushing people to buy electric cars by giving incentives and tax cuts but is it really the way to curb pollution?

Seven out ten most polluted cities in the world are Indian cities. So pollution level in India is at an alarming rate and the government needs to work out plans to curb it. So the best way to take initial steps to reduce pollution is by promoting electric vehicles and yes this step is somewhat necessary and beneficial. But the main reason for speaking out against this idea is because India produces the majority of its energy from Coal and coal is one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gases which is acting as the catalyst for climate change.

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So when electric vehicles get a considerable share in the Indian auto market, then this will have a dominos effect on society as it will increase the household electricity consumption. With an increase in electricity consumption there will be an increase in electricity generation which will result in more coal burning.

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Won’t this skyrocket the greenhouse gas emission? So according to my opinion, the government should think of the back end also while promoting electric cars in the front end. Government should spend on setting up renewable source energy production facilities. And the existing renewable energy production facilities should be upgraded because this renewable source of energy science is at its infant stage and therefore this need will have new upgrades every few years or so. Tesla, Tata or Hyundai will pick up their pace in marketing EVs if people really get enthusiastic and start buying EVs. So the job of the government isn’t to promote EVs but to make people enthusiastic about EVs and renewable energy sources.

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