Earth Energy launches its dedicated EV Cruiser with fast charging capability

Most businesses have been struggling to cope with the losses incurred by Covid-19 but this Mumbai based startup has launched three of their two wheeler models. Calling itself India’s first electric cruiser motorcycle company has launched the Glyde + electric scooter, Evolve Z and Evolve R last month.

CEO and Founder of Earth Energy

CEO and Founder of Earth Energy spoke with a news outlet where he said, “For the past three and a half years, we have been intensely working in the EV space. In the past three years, we came up with seven prototypes of the Glyde +, Evolve Z, and Evolve R, which we finally launched last month. At present, we are predominantly in the two-wheeler segment, but this December, we’ll launch our four-wheeler commercial vehicle as well.”

Evolve R

All three models have more than 100+ km.

While the Glyde + is powered by a 2.5 kW electric motor that offers a top speed of 70 kmph, the Evolve Z supports a 96 AH lithium-ion battery pack with a 6 kW motor and a top speed of 95 kmph. Having said that, the stand out is the Evolve R, which supports a 115 AH lithium-ion battery with an 8 kW battery pack and offers a top speed of 110 kmph.

Charging within an hour

Quick Charger

A notable feature of Evolve R is that it can be charged entirely in 40 minutes with a fast charge facility. But this facility is only available at their dealership network. Every dealer of our vehicle is going to have a fast-charging station and three slow charging stations at their dealership. For the first year, these dealerships will offer free charging to commuters. Nonetheless, these vehicles can be normally slow charged in 2.5 hours and all the vehicles are compatible with every public charging station in India because it complies with Bharat EV charging norms. Along with their EV scooter and motorcycle, the startup will give consumers a home charging station that’s going to be free of cost with every vehicle that goes out. This home charging station can charge your vehicle completely in 2.5 hours.

Other features

TFT Display

All three two-wheelers are high-speed vehicles with smart features and a 5-inch TFT (thin-film-transistor) display. All Earth Energy’s vehicles come with a default in-built app-enabled with smartphones that helps the rider keep their live navigation status, incoming calls/messages alert, trip history, and current destination on-screen for the confidence-inducing uninterrupted ride. The app also allows the third party usage model for food delivery agents. Another key feature of these electric two-wheelers is the desire of the makers to give commuters an experience that is very close to their IC-Engine counterparts.

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