Tesla a BIG deal for India’s EV infrastructure

Tesla Logo

Tesla Logo

In 2016, alongside the launch of Tesla Model S, Elon Musk, announced that they aim to introduce Model 3 the subsequent year in India. Initially Model 3 was planned to be the mass market car. But this has remained a pipe dream for the Indian Teslaratis. Finally in 2021 Tesla registered with Indian entity piped through its Dutch Investment arm. And he confirmed that Model 3 will be launched in India around March. Although it won’t benefit the ordinary as the cost of Model 3 will be 2x the official price, reasons unknown. To us people Tata Nexon EV and MG Hector will make more sense. But if we turn back the calendar to 2008 when iPhone 3G was announced in India despite the dominance of Nokia in the Indian market. It also didn’t mean much to ordinary people but it was revolutionary. Now fast forward to 2014, Indian brand Micromax became the tenth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Even today, India has a large production capacity to manufacture mobile accessories.

Apple of EVs

Apple of EVs (Courtesy: Google)

Tesla shall be the Apple of EVs. It will guide the Indian market and help grow healthier competition rather than a monopoly. Tesla already has the required technology to make near perfect EVs and if they cooperates with the Indian EV startups by sharing the experience and knowledge then it will benefit India aspiring entrepreneurs. India has already been an automotive hub of the world due its large scale market and cheap labor. It won’t be a problem for Tesla to find cheap labors and raw materials in India as they plan to open a Gigafactory in Karnataka. So virtually they have a win-win situation. The only real problem will be its price. Gradually they can decrease the price of Made in India Teslas.

Tesla will Supercharge Indian EV infrastructure

Tesla Supercharge (Courtesy: Unsplash)

If you think of EV infrastructure in India, then it is non-existent and laughable. A country purely based on fossil fuel without any government initiative to electrify the cars for the future. It’s a complete mess. And Indian people love using a product for generations so without strict policies from the government, the people will be ignorant to switch to EVs. So Tesla being a stable company and industry leader can lobby the government for introducing new policies to boost car sales. And the government has to listen to them in order to set up a Gigafactory in India. This will not only benefit Tesla but also the startups who don’t have a huge influence on the government. This way it is actually going to supercharge the Indian EV infrastructure as it is going to have the Domino’s effect. Tesla will be a key player in India’s development for EVs. Let’s just wait and watch.

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