Jaguar Land Rover onto the EV market to challenge Tesla

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Jaguar Land Rover owned by our very own TATA Motors is the first luxury car maker to put their foot into the EV market. On 15th of February, Jaguar announced its future plans of making the brand full electric by 2025. However, Jaguar has a lot of challenges to overcome due it’s declining revenue and drying up of sales. The sales in China have dropped by 85% which was Jaguar’s cash cow market. Both the XE and the XF have failed to take on Germans successfully. Now the only place for Jaguar to succeed is the EV market where Tesla had been the dominant player since its creation. Most IC engine manufacturers have failed to enter the EV market. But Jaguar has laid down a detailed floor plan to outdo the shortcomings.

Let’s “reimagine” Jaguar

Jaguar has been successful in its debut with the I-Pace in 2019. It has also won the World Car of the Year award. Jaguar has the “reimagine” plan which commits to invest GBP 2.5 billion for “development of connected services to enhance the journey and experience of its customers.”

IPace (Courtesy : Unsplash)

It also stated that both Jaguar and Land Rover have prototypes ready for arrival within the next 12 months. This marks a production overhaul for JLR as it plans to shift its production facility from Castle Bromwich to Sollihul, England. Although Land Rover is part of the plan, unlike Jaguar, it plans to only add alternatives to its existing ICE line-ups which are likely to have some hybrid competent. Other manufacturers like Audi, Mercedes and BMW don’t plan to completely transform its lineup into EV, which indeed is pretty ambitious. If JLR has close second it would be GM (General Motors) as they plan to electrify their lineup by 2035. All these progressive plans of JLR are aligned with TATA Group’s greater vision of a sustainable future. And they require TATA Motors, help in manufacturing of battery, its high end luxury car marketing and increasing the profit by sizeable margin. JLR needs TATA Motors more than Tata motors needs JLR.

Tata Motors Logo (Courtesy: LinkedIn)

JLR is far away from shaking Tesla’s stand in the EV Market. Unlike its competitor, it is at least trying to make a dent in the EV world. They know that they can’t defeat Tesla but can gain a considerable market share by challenging the EV startups like Rivian, Faradays Future, Nikola, etc. They have an edge over these startups because they already have the infrastructure needed to build cars. They can become runners up in this upcoming generation of cars. And if they get a boost in this lineup, they could clear out some of their liabilities. It will be extremely joyful for the EV enthusiasts to watch this mouthwatering showdown.

Courtesy: Unsplash

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