Tesla commences operations in India, inaugurates a Bengaluru subsidiary.

With its headquarters in Bengaluru, the US-based electric and renewable energy corporation, Tesla, launched a wholly-owned subsidiary in India.

According to Karnataka government officials, Tesla was investigating the prospect of setting up an R&D centre located in Bengaluru.

Sources claim that the Indian branch of Tesla goes by the name Tesla India Motors and Energy Pvt Ltd. The business has three directors, Vaibhav Taneja as chief accounting officer, Venkatrangam Sreeram as an entrepreneur, and David Jon Feinstein, a US technical recruiter. The registration of the firm was made on 8 January 2021.

According to the MCA filings, it is a private, unregistered firm with an approved capital of Rs 15,00,000 as well as a paid-up capital of Rs 1,00,000.

On Tuesday, Karnataka CM, BS Yediyurappa, announced that the electric vehicle giant would launch activities in Bengaluru with an R&D unit.

According to sources, Tesla is also carrying out a location hunt to set up its activities and has hired a multinational consultancy company for the same reason. The Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu governments have had talks with the company and are also exploring sourcing local collaborations.

In the context of the auto-sector, which includes big OEMs and product manufacturers and vendor parks, all these states already have a booming existence.

Initially, Tesla scheduled its entrance into India back in 2016. The Model 3 Sedan, likely priced at about Rs 60 Lakh. Depending on the WLTP cycle, the Model 3 Long Range has an estimated range of 560 km. With 4.8s, it gets from 0 to 100 kmph. In the Output version, which still gets 20-inch wheels, this time falls to 3.5s instead of the normal 18-inch or optional 19-inch in the Long Range. The range of the output variant is 530 km, both of which weigh 1,847 kg. The Model 3 would initially come in as a CBU, taking approx rates. Rs 55-60 lakh, ex-showroom. However, this number could decrease with the anticipated assembly plant in the works. There is still no news on Tesla’s plan with its well-esteemed Supercharger network for the Indian industry.

The EV manufacturer is also expected to introduce its exclusive direct sales platform to India. In other countries in which it operates, the company manages its distribution outlets, marketing its vehicles from showrooms and centers that it owns. Tesla’s personnel also mans such centers. For after-sales assistance, too, a similar lean approach is used.

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