Presenting a Modern Electric Revolution – HERO LECTRO E-CYCLES

To build an all-new E-Cycle: Hero Lectro!, Hero has incorporated years of experience in creating cycles and useful consumer input. Hero Lectro is made with revolutionary concepts and filled with smart features, holding us in mind and fuelled by four thrilling riding modes to meet your riding needs. You are taking the first step toward a better, safer, cleaner, and greener future!

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What’s an e-cycle like?

Ok, imagine a regular cycle and add a few elements to it now like –

  • MOTOR 
  • Controller
  • SENSOR  

Yeah, right, right! Now, imagine riding a standard bike without pedaling. Yeah, that’s e-cycle. Hero Lectro E-cycle, driven by a Lithium-Ion IP67 battery & an Intelligent Electric Drive Unit(EDU), offers you four particular ways to travel: Pedal, Pedalec, Cruise, or Throttle. Run-on electric power, pedal, or throttle it!


Electric Drive Unit

They are using the click of a button to go from regular pedaling to fully electric mode. The smart components of EDU, such as a battery, engine, controller, throttle, and sensor, enable you to choose from four distinctive riding configurations: pedal, pedalec, throttle & cruise.

Throttle & Display

Source: Hero

The throttle’s “Twist and Go” is a unique feature that lets you move without actually pedaling. The E-cycle is equipped with a screen to switch on and off the electric mode, monitor the battery’s level, and choose the assist mode – low, medium, high.

Waterproof IP67 Battery  

The state-of-the-art ‘All-Weather’ IP67 lithium-ion battery is designed to go on for greater distances. The battery requires a full charge of only 3-4 hours and will help you cover non-stop distances. Now, with an assurance of 2 years.


Source: Hero

Alloy 6061 Frame & Anti-Skid Pedal Alloy

The body of a strong alloy, together with a protected anti-skid alloy pedal, keeps it healthy and stylish while preventing any probable slips and falls and gives maximum comfort to the user. Ride the Hero Lectro E-Cycles to wander into a great deal of experience.

Water Decals   

With water-resistant and weatherproof decals to safeguard the Hero Lectro E-Cycles and your confidence, so then you can take a journey without any concerns. You were designed to provide a long-lasting and straightforward trip regardless of the prediction for the weather.

Maintenance-Free Internal Cabling  

The inner cabling does not need repairs and is hassle-free, allowing the customer to have a wonderful experience riding the Hero Lectro E-Cycles. Concealed wires eliminate breakage or defects for a smooth journey, making the Hero Lectro E-Cycles the go-to-cycle.

The Hero Lectro set of e-cycles offers a total of four modes of cycling. It would help if you used it as a traditional bicycle with the Pedal Mode. By integrating engine power with your pedaling, the Pedalec mode facilitates cycling. This is said to decrease effort by up to 80%. The cruise helps you fly at a relaxing 6 km/h, allowing you to drink in the sights.

Source: Hero

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